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Xact Algo Indicators on Computer screen

Xact Breakout Signals

The Xact Breakout Signals are our tried-and-true Buy/Sell signals. This complete trading system captures breakouts in real-time using a combination of standard deviations, average ranges, relative strength, and more. Your entry, profit targets, and stop losses are automatically plotted on your chart. You can change the settings for the Xact Breakout Signals to tailor them to your timeframe and trading style. Plus, market regimes are constantly changing. The numbers displayed above or below the signals are confirmations that help with identifying false breakouts. The higher (#)/8 is relative to signal strength. These are also fully customizable to fit whatever confirmations you use to enter a trade.

Xact Indicators

The most powerful tools in the market combined into one indicator.

Xact S/R

Automatically plots support and resistance levels on your chart for you. Don’t waste your time doing technical analysis. Instead, focus on trade execution! You can adjust the timeframes and the spacing between the support and resistance lines.

Xact MA

Allows the user to plot up to 4 moving averages on the chart. These moving averages enable the user to select the lookback period or length, moving average type, and the timeframe of the moving average. Meaning that you can have a daily moving average on intraday charts.

Xact Bands

Are range bands that act as dynamic support and resistance with the market’s ebbs and flows. When price enters into the band you can do one of two things. 1. Take or trim profit. 2. Start to enter a position for a reversal. With the Xact Bands, you can opt to color a trend heatmap that keeps you on the right side of the trend inside the bands.


This is a classic tried and true indicator used by traders all over the globe. VWAP plots the average price that is weight by volume. So, it is similar to a moving average, but prices that had more volume have more weight leading to a better-moving average. VWAP is anchored to a period that is typically the day. This just means that it resets on each new day. However, some traders’ systems use weekly or monthly VWAPs.

Xact Trend Candles

Smoothed candlesticks, removing the noise from classic candlesticks. There are two ways to use or apply the Xact Trend Candles to your chart.

  1. Show Xact Trend Candles – this mode plots the specialized candlesticks and colors them based on the market’s trend.
  2. Only Color Default Candles – this mode colors the default candlesticks the colors from the Xact Trend Candles but does not plot the specialized candlesticks.

Xact Scanner

The Xact Breakout Scanner is a scanner/watchlist that is based on the Xact Breakout Signals. The user can select up to 5 symbols to keep track of at a time. At all times the user will be able to watch those 5 symbols to see if there was a new buy or sell signal available. The Xact Breakout Scanner increases your screen real estate by 5x because you can watch 5 symbols at once.

Xact ORB

The ORB, Opening Range Breakout or Breakdown is a tool used by many intraday traders to take advantage of short-term intra-day momentum. The opening range is defined by either the first 30 or 60 minutes of a new trading day. During that time the opening ranges are set.

Xact Panel

The Xact Panel is a trend, momentum, rotation, and dashboard all-in-one service.

RSI Markers

These markers will appear on the oscillator based on the RSI or Relative Strength Index. If a symbol is overbought (OB), then the marker (square) will appear in the overbought box of the oscillator. If a symbol is oversold (OS), then the marker (square) will appear in the oversold box of the oscillator.

ATR Markers

ATR or Average True Range indicator is similar to RSI but the math behind the scenes is different. First the user sets a multiplier; if a candle has a range 2x or 3x of whatever multiplier the user enters, the marker is placed. This action can generally tell you when buyers or sellers are making a strong move.

Xact Dashboard

The Xact Dashboard allows traders to take a glance at multiple things at once. The first row will tell you the current trend of any four timeframes of your choice. The Dashboard will also tell you the current chart’s momentum (from the momentum oscillator), MACD, VWAP, RSI, RVOL, and its Average Daily Range versus the Current Daily Range.

Xact Smart Money Concepts


Zones where buyers or sellers will look to enter the market.

Price-Action Labels

Swing highs and swing lows are labeled to show if the market is making new highs or new lows at inflection points.

Fair-Value Gaps (FVGs)

Created by one-way inefficiencies. If they hold up on retests, they are great entries.

Break-of-Structure (BOS)

Previous Supply/Demand zones that were broken. Often times will be retested.

MTF Structure

Draws lines at a prior level. Can be a prior day, week, or month.

Xact Technical Analysis


Zones where buyers or sellers will look to enter the market.

Price-Action Labels

Swing highs and swing lows are labeled to show if the market is making new highs or new lows at inflection points.


Automatically drawn price-action patterns using trendlines. Featuring short-, medium-, and long-term patterns.