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Xact Team members are not registered as financial advisors. This server and the products and services Xact Algo offers are for educational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to bear any level of risk to invest in financial markets. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Xact Algo and all individuals associated assume no responsibility for your trading results or investments.

Team Members

Drew Marshall
Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur based in Southern Illinois with a background in electrical contracting. Joined the trading community in 2019 and quickly realized how difficult it is to trade while working full-time. This struggle inspired the formation of Xact Algo to automate technical analysis and give the retail trader a competitive edge in the market. Please reach out to Drew via support@xactalgo.com to see how our team can enhance your trading experience!

Hunter Bulak
Co-Owner & Analyst

Has multiple engineering degrees as well as a business minor and a math minor. In his professional life, he manages business and sales for satellite systems, aerospace parts, military parts, and a lot of industrialized businesses.

As a trader, he specializes in high-conviction option plays utilizing supply and demand. He also focuses on long-term portfolio plays and his goal overall is to set up long-term portfolios that generate passive income through dividends. He frequently goes to Wall Street and attends Morgan Stanley conferences and others. He meets CEOs on a first-hand basis, so his information on long-term potential comes straight from the source.

In his free time, you’ll find him doing two things, playing music, or fly fishing. He’s been playing guitar for 23 years and travels the country often to fly fish all over America.



Max (Motion Trades)
Educator & Analyst

Max (Motion Trades) Educator & Analyst Options trader with a mix of strategies. Max focuses on intraday and weekly swing trades. His trading style can be categorized in multiple approaches when edge appears. Intraday trades usually consist of VPA combined with market profile and the same technicals provided for the majority of swing trades. He also incorporates wycoff phases and elliot waves when trying to find a deeper understanding of the correlation between trade setups. Max has a background of various strategies that has proven a high level of consistency in different stages of the market. This displays an extreme advantage for staying profitable in ever-changing market conditions.


The Discord

The Discord is where everything that is trading takes place we host out trading and analysis classes their as well as call out live trades for people to follow along.


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